Tuesday, October 03, 2006


perfection is overrated. i know. i have said it over a million times. but yet i still try to achieve perfection for my parents. i try to be the perfect daughter. yet no one told me you could be more than perfect. i'm sorry i missed the memo. could someone tell me how to be beyond perfect?
i've tried my best. i really have. its tiring. they would love me for who they make me to be. nothing more. nobody would ever see past all of this. i'm just who they want me to be. its just being piled on. layers and layers of "me". someone help me, please. i don't know how much further i can go. i need a break too. i swear to god i did do my work. i really did. why won't she believe me? i have been working my ass of the entire term three. i really have. and its not as if i did not produce any results. i have gotten nothing less than a merit for all my internals this year. i want a life too.


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