Tuesday, October 31, 2006

law reform

like as if im REALLY going to do the law reform seminar. i've already gotten enough credits to pass the goddamn subject.. so yeahh.. and there's no resit for this one.. its either 100% or you fail it..
so hm. i'm in the com room right now with my legal studies teacher NOT TOO FAR away.. hahah.. she thinks im typing out my speech for the seminar.. but really.. this is what i'm doin.. lol..
stats teacher wants to see all the homework she gave from week before on thursday.. will go home and do it after this... feel like chocolates now.. arghh.. goddamn me and my stupid lil cravings..
i know i know dennis.. my posts aren't exactly the most mind stimulating ones around these days.. but really... can you blame me and my depleting braincells?
ooh ooh btw.. ms smith told me that there was this uni kid who OD-ed on NoDoz.. wonder how much he/she took.. maybe it was quite a bit + lack of sleep.. apparently the kid just passed out and his/her pulse just stopped.. not cool..

quote of the day!
- squirrels are cute! don't insult the squirrels! -

happy halloween/all hallows eve by the way.. hehehe..
might do a lil post later on on taboos and crap like that but hmm.. depends on my mood.. looks like im going to be walking home today.. so yeahhhh....


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