Tuesday, October 24, 2006

fuck bands

fuck bands-n. fuck bands are black bands which are broken by the person who wants to have sex with you. which means, if a girl breaks a fuck band you are wearing, she wants to fuck you. fuck bands come in many different colours. each representing a different sexual activity. black is for fucking and blue is oral and the list goes on and on.

there you have it val.. thats what fuck bands are for.. hahaha.. and no, though i have only 10 out of 17 of my black ones, i have not been getting any. and just because celine and i are wearing fuck bands, it does not mean we want any either. it is mainly for aesthetic reasons. that and because we are lesbian partners! hahahaha

oh and a lil shout out to dennis.. sorry if my posts aren't exactly the most mind stimulating ones around.. it really doesn't help that all thats left of my brain cells are now completely devoted to math and econs.. that and my sleeping hours are whacked.. as usual.. i woke up at 4 this morning.. went online for one hour plus.. THEN tried to go back to sleep.. but by the time i fell asleep, it was time to wake up. not cool. then there was stats..


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