Tuesday, October 24, 2006

fuck bands and a glass of wine!

that is my exact wish right now.. to have fuck bands and a glass of wine..

lemme explain myself!

last year, celine and i bought a whole bunch of fuck bands.. 17 black ones.. each representing our age.. and 3 clear ones, blue, green, white and red ones as well... and just about a year after.. i'm only left with 1o black ones.. my clear ones, the white and red ones.. no.. i have not been getting any in case you were wondering.. broke all of em but three... thomas stole one.. vinny-two.

as for the glass of wine.. hmm... was tellin han ern how i was considering having a glass THEN showing up to stats... hahahahah.. that would be interesting.. but mehh... wnt do so.. maybe on the last day of school... but not when exams are only one month away..

btw... for those who ARE gettin some.. a lil bird named tasha has recommended durex for protection.. specifically the strawberry flavoured one... by the way.. the lil bird is 18 and knocked up.. *rofl* hahaha.. that lil bird is soooo gonna murder me! i know you love me tasha.. i love me too! hahahaha...


Blogger +xinyu+ said...

dear lord. remind me to remove your link off my page so my parents NEVER ever stumble onto this.

do you still wear them?

noone here seems to know about them fuck bands! makes me seem all dirty and shit, a TAG like me explaining it to a table of guys.

tasha should be paid for name dropping durex. though whoever sees this would be thinking of tasha whenever they use durex while having sex. erm.

6/02/2009 10:25 pm  

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