Friday, October 20, 2006

5 in the morning

thats right.. i'm bloggin at 5 in the morning.. don't ask me what i'm doin up so early.. i barely got 5 hours of sleep.. but i'm so wide awake right now... meeting up with michael, yi lin and vin at 10ish at the mall... soyeahh.. hmm.. sorry my posts have been so emo off late.. please know that i tend to blog at the peak of my emoness.. so yeahhh.. im fine for now people.. no worries! :D

hmm.. i sound like quite the idiot when i get tipsy.. but i can't help it.. i just won't shut up.. yesterday, my aunt and i had a very interesting conversation

me : how can virgin be more virgin than virgin is?
aunt : thats why its extra virgin!
me : but virgin is virgin what.. where got extra extra one!?
aunt : its like girls.. there are pure girls.. then there are pure pure girls.. thats where the extra comes in
me: what the fuck?! that doesn't make any sense!

just in case you are wondering, we were talking about extra virgin olive oil. cos we were watchin the food channel while drinking wine and eating nuts.. hhahaha.. yes.. on a school night.. only difference is that i don't have school today.. cos its study leave/exams.. and i don't have any papers today.. yay!

i know i said something else quite stoopid yesterday.. to vinny.. while i was on the phone.. on the verge of passing out..

ooh ooh..i remember

me : if i suddenly go all quiet on you.. scream into the phone
vin : scream into the phone?? okayyyyy...
me : yeah.. i might pass out.. i've been drinking.. *giggles like mad*
me : yeahh.. gonna be drinking every night from now on with aunt sue.. hahahahaha
me : ooh ahh.. bed.. comfy... didn't think i'd make it to the bed from the couch actually.. i was t
too lazy to move..
vin : oh god.. she's trashed..
me : i'm not drunkkkkkk..! i knowwww what i'm talkin about.......
vin : yeah.. im right.. she's trashed..
me : i'm not trashedddddd!!!! why won't you believe me?? i'm just a lil.. happy.. *giggles some
vin : yeah. sure. okay dear. whatever you say hun.
me : i'm not drunk.. i'm just a lil tipsy.. a lil happy...
vin : how pink are you???
me : barely there..
vin : i asked how pink are you.. not how is your mind!
me : yeah thats what i said.. its barely pink....
vin : yep.. she's drunk alright
me : i'm not drunk!!! im just happy... don't talk to me like im drunk....
vin : dear.. listen to what you are saying and tell me whether or not you sound drunk...
me : hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
me : oof.. i think i'm gonna pass out....

okay. so maybe that wasn't so funny. but i swear to god it was yesterday when i was in bed on the phone with him trying to string together sentences while trying not to pass out.. hahahaha


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