Saturday, July 01, 2006



never mind if all those letters didn't make sense to you..

i am back in jb people! and since the moment i got back, it has been action non stop.. i have been out and about ever since!! heh!

as i mentioned in the previous post, my dear angel came to pick me at the airport together with my grandma, mum and bro! was up till 2+ that night which is 6+ kiwi time..

then on friday morning, i was up at an unearthly hour of 9ish as i was due to go into school with celine.. there, we met up with jayne!!! and a whole bunch of other teachers and juniors.. it was indeed nice to see people like mrs koo and godmama.. godmama especially.. her expression was priceless! she was so shocked and at the same time very happy to see me!! hehehe.. really love her to bits and pieces.. she is the most amazing and dedicated teacher i have ever had.. after which we, being me, celine and jayne headed into cs... met up with a coupla others.. hung out there.. then headed into pp for a while.. got back home at 6ish thanks to mama chu!

today was a great day as i got to catch up with weiyi and jayne as well as celine during lunch! had a deep talk with weiyi after jayne left.. though i only got to see weiyi for that coupla hours.. it was really good! i do wish that i could spend more time with her but we both know that that was not possible.. and the next time i see her is in dec.. sighh... but thanks wy for coming down! loadsa love wy!

after which i had a family dinner in danga bay.. then we went for ice cream at modestos! god... i've been putting on so much weight. i really oughta try to shed the pounds and try to stop eating so much.. ishh.. guess its gonna be another long day tmr.. but ehh.. need to get started on my work soon as well..



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