Tuesday, July 18, 2006

this is driving me insane

i love my mum very much..

but sometimes, she just really drives me up the wall.. and its times like this that i really hate her

like how she is currently treating like a 5 year old.. she thinks i'm not even mature enough to handle a microwave oven. or the fact that when my aunt said that i could try flatting in my second year, she immediately said that i am not mature enough.

number two. she just keeps going on about how i should do medicine since i have the qualifications to do so. but she just doesn't see the point that i am not interested. thats where the money is, she says. you will never be out of a job, she says. or if you don't wanna do medicine and earn a lot of money.. marry rich. first she tells me not to have a boyfriend THEN she tells me to marry rich. why can't she see the point that there is money to be made in wedding planning too! sometimes, i think that i really should just do whatever it is that they want me to do just so that they will shut up.

i wanna cry. really i do. all of this is just building up inside of me.. and i swear to god, one day i will just explode or something will happen. and when that day comes, please don't blame me. i'm merely a victim who wants to take the easy way out.


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