Friday, July 14, 2006

resolution july 06

i know i know its a lil weird to have a resolution list in the middle of the year..

but after doing some reflecting (read:sorting out my bank account balance and staying up till 5 this morning tryin to finish my work) i have decided that i need a lil revamp on my life if i wanna get out of this year alive.

1. spend minimal money (formal not accounted for.... shit! just rmbrd tix is 40) since after sorting out my accounts, i have come to realise i have been somewhat overspending and am a lil short on cash. not a good sign. okay maybe not a little. make it A LOT.

2. lose weight in order to fit into my 80 dollar army print pants. seriously. just over a period of two weeks, my pants is tight. not a good sign at all. in fact, i am actually sick of eating.

3. work my ass off for term 3 and for crying out loud NOT procrastinate my fucking work anymore.

4. go easy on the coffee. a cup a day ought to do it. well, depending on what time that first cup is.

5. walk back from school everyday and not buy anymore ice cream. well, that would work! i would save money AND get to lose weight.. but if someone was to buy me ice cream, well, that would be a different story.

shouldn't be too hard now should it? i hope not.. esp the money.. i really have to keep spending to a minimal.. otherwise i'd be dead duck..