Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the end.. it beckons!

not quite sure if i wanna say its only tuesday.. or that it is already tuesday..

this holidays have been the epitome of unproductiveness..

still have yet to touch my internals.. not good..

nor have i sorted out any of my stuff..

or gotten my dress for formal..

oh wells..

the only good thing that came out of this hols is that i was able to hang out and catch up with my buddies..

not to mention high speed unlimited wireless broadband...

ahh.. you have no idea how deprived i am..

yet in a coupla days.. i am going back to that deprivation..

winter sweet winter..

ooh.. gonna let hueiyin stick her cam in my face as well when i get back.. not gonna take up her offer on the free cookie though..

gonna miss my friends loads.. hmmm...

thank u so much you guys for makin the trip down! you have no idea how happy i was that you guys made it!!! =)

oh and to ven and apu.. good luck with your performance on saturday.. sorry i won't be able to see you guys perform ae.. and that i didn't get to see you guys this time around.. next time!

okayy.. gonna go sleep or something..

cassie signing out!


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