Wednesday, May 17, 2006

writer's blog block

Dear readers of castalnetta.blogspot,

We regret to inform you that the owner of this blog is suffering from a severe writer's block and has been rendered incapable of producing any decent posts off late as some of you might have noticed. This may be due to the overwhelming workload, imminent exams, an indefinite leave on the muse's part and most of all the apparent lack of a life. After six rejected drafts which she attempted to pass off as a post but really was what the editor thought as merely a jumble of words strung together, she has decided to take a break from writing. It is indeed a very devastating situation. She claims that "words are beyond her and that her mind is filled with nothing-ness". We, the team are working round the clock to ensure the safe return of the owner to this space. Maintenance and repair works are underway in several different areas of her mind. In the mean time, the editor of this blog would like to extend her eternal gratefulness to the loyal readers of this blog.

Warmest regards,


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