Thursday, May 04, 2006

why the hell

why the hell am i puttin on so much weight?!
as it is.. i'm walking back from school everyday which is like a half an hour walk EVERYDAY well.. most days anyway.. and its VERY rare that i don't mind you..
and im trying very hard to cut down on my food intake..
but noooooo i'm still putting on weight.. this is frustrating...

weight issues aside.. its a thursday today and i decided to give myself a treat of ice cream.. boy was i spoilt for choice.. i had to choose between chocolate, green apple, bailey hazelnut and rum&raisin.. today, i went along with chocolate and green apple.. a very weird combination i know.. but i just love sorbet ice creams! they are so cold and sour.. hehe.. but the next time.. heck! i am sooo gonna go for bailey hazelnut with rum&raisin..

i simply for the life of me cannot make decisions.. not that today is the first time i have come to realise it.. but really.. its starting to get on my nerves! why do we have to make so many decisions all the time? i just don't get it.. why can't i have the best of both worlds huh huh huh..

and quit asking me what i wanna be when i grow up..
cos heck! whoever said i wanted to grow up in the first place?!
i am damn contented being this age now!!!
i don't want to have to choose between uk, aussie or kiwi.. hmph.. i hate having to make decisions..
heck... i can't even decide if i wanna go back to msia for the holidays.. blek...

life is absurd. you and me? we're just a small part in this whole absurdity.


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