Friday, May 05, 2006

rum & raisin

third post of today.. haha.. talk about spam blogging.. ANYWAY i had ice cream AGAIN today all thanks to joanna!! she shouted us all ice cream today.. yay!! threeeee cheers to joanna.. and i took chcolate, as well as rum&raisin.. i'm not complaining or anything but i think that haagen daaz's rum&raisin is still the best.. hehe

talk about freaky.. today over dinner, joanna was telling me bout this korean music video bout this girl and a photographer falling in love.. and how he donated his eyes to the girl bla bla bla.. and xin posted THE EXACT SAME VIDEO jo was talkin bout today... erghh.. talk bout freaky.. but it was really sad that vid.. just like jay's feng.. but jay's one was more sad :(

anyway, uni next year.. what am i going to do bout it? stay in nz? move over to melbourne u? pay a heck load and get into lse? i don't know! i don't even know what i wanna do! i mean.. im not exactly VERY interested in anything at all!! i'm only 17!! how am i supposed to know what i wanna be doin for the rest of my life? heck.. i don't even know what im going to be doing tmr.. wht more 20 years down the road.. arghh.. hate this

i swear to god i need to stop making so much noise in stats.. today, ms smith threatened to separate me and vinny.. but really.. that would be useless simply because we would end up shouting halfway across the classroom.. and as lin pointed out in my tagboard.. i think the whole class must have heard me going on and on about how i needed ice cream.. haha.. see? i talk and make too much noise in stats.. need to learn to control...

and last but not least.. just a final birthday wish for tasha.. happy birthday to you dear... love you lots and lots! and to the rest of you BFFs out there.. take care and miss you guys lots! mwax!!


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