Wednesday, May 03, 2006

need to breathe!

after ice skating on saturday afternoon, me and the riccarton gang took a one hour walk into town and headed into osaka (a jap restaurant obviously) for dinner.. nine bucks for one big bowl of teriyaki chicken rice and unlimited miso soup!
my "finished" bowl of teriyaki chicken rice...

charlotte's finished bowl of teriyaki chicken rice.. says A LOT about me and my habit of wasting food.. i TRY not to really! but with me puttin on so much weight.. and the restaurants here serving a more than generous proportion of food.. it just can't be helped!

after dinner, ken drove the three of us (the rest went with adeline) down to the westpac centre where there was this youth christian thing with greg laurie as a speaker.. live bands.. tonnes of teens.. and a pretty funny message

the throng of people flooding the westpac centre.. the crowd was insane!

a lil something less insane, more formal and so intense, you could slice the tension into half! i went to court today.. sneaked a coupla pictures from the public gallery which was upstairs.. was watching a murder trial!

one of the three witnesses today presenting evidence to the court..

i do beg your pardon for not updating this any sooner. truth be told, i'm still up to my eyeballs with work.. but i've been dying to update this blog of mine.. anyhow, i'm just gonna post some pics and hopefully when friday night rolls around, i will actually have energy to blog about my week and days out and stuff!


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