Friday, May 26, 2006

exams can kiss my ass bout teen angst.. but you get that..
ANYWAY.. i am back people! recharged! rejuvenated! re... generated??? okok.. core of the matter being.. i am back to blogging.. my writer's block decided to make itself scarce.. but most importantly.. mid year exams are sooo over!! though i must admit that i think i did pretty badly on it..

for a start, i pretty much wrote 2 hours of plain crap in my english paper.. so much so i'm sure she will either cry reading my bleedin pathetic paper.. OR she will fall off her chair laughing at my nonsensical ideas..

for the life of me, i have no idea why the econs paper is always so long! what the hell are they tryin to do? write us to death?!? even reza *the best and most probably smartest econs student in the form* sitting beside me, finished the paper 5 minutes before the paper ended.. if even HE JUST finished the paper in the nick of time, what more us??? sometimes, you'd really wish the teachers had to sit down and do the paper together with us as well.. before they finally realise how long the bloody sodding paper is!

stats was undoubtedly better than the last time.. but there were still one or two confusing bits.. sure as hell hope i do much better in the stats paper.. its my only hope! *mandy moore's only hope starts to play in the background* damnn that was random..

ok next up.. calc? wtf!!! it was so damned difficult.. as i sat at my place and flipped my paper, i saw my marks fly out of the window.. i am being totally serious.. i mean.. what the hell is a double root? cos sure as hell my teacher didn't teach that... i should know.. im always awake during calc.. and i've never missed a single class.. he had better have a good explanation as to why the paper was really beyond comprehension!

well, today the 7th formers have study leave.. with exception for those who have exams.. which explains why i'm sitting here blogging on a friday afternoon.. supposed to go out with joanna and the few of them to celebrate sam's birthday.. but so far, jo hasn't replied me.. so yeah.. gotta see how that goes.. thats bout it i guess.. laterz!


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