Saturday, May 13, 2006

calculus! at 11 pm! someone slap me please

yes.. i am doin calculus homework on a saturday night..
i think that in itself is enough to explain exactly how much homework i have got...
or the fact that i haven't been doin my work lately thus resulting in me sloggin my ass off now..
just a bit over a week before my mid years start.. oh shit oh shit oh shit.. have not touched my books at all.. as usual..
anyway.. i have to STOP playing last card (a game basically like uno only instead of using uno cards, we use poker cards) durin my study periods.. hahah.. especially when what i really needed to be doin was homework.. namely stupid stats.. arghh.. but its just so tempting! i haven't played it for so long.. speaking of which, when i played on friday morning.. i won playing against seven of the guys.. and i didn't have to pick up a single card! woohoo!! hahah..
another note to self.. i really should not drink coffee after dinner or something.. usually when i drink coffee, it has no effect whatsoever on me.. but on wednesday night when i decided i needed a hot drink.. and went on to make a cuppa.. it kept me up till 2.30 in the morning!! that was insane.. so when i was in school on thursday, i was functioning on less than 5 hours of sleep.. plus all that caffeine running through my system, i was literally delirious and high.. not very good...
episode 7.. i should get workin on that as well ae.. but nyeh.. i've been so busy..and my muse decided to go on strike for no apparent reason.. ah wells.. sorry peeps!
this is about it for today.. gonna get back to workin on my calc.. maybe econs after this?
its a saturday night.. nearly half past eleven.. and here i am doin calculus work.. someone slap some sense into me please?!
on a lighter note, i'm heading into town tomorrow with yi lin.. though the weather forecast looks like crap.. oh wells.. can't quite care.. we have been puttin off this trip thanks to the weather for long enough!!


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