Saturday, May 27, 2006

the C word

no.. it wasn't a typo..
yes.. you read the title right..
no.. your eyes aren't deceiving you..
yes.. the title reads "the C word"..
what "C" word you ask?
actually, there's two to it.. casual and commitment..
getting a clue as to where this post is heading?
do i HAVE to spell it out?
fine fine.. oh wells.. r-e-l-a-t-i-o-n-s-h-i-p-s
casual relationships and commitment relationships.. safe to say.. these two are like worlds apart.. and yet they start with the same letter.. life i tell you
don't even start to ask me why i'm talkin bout this actually cos i have no idea.. just a random topic that came to mind..
anyway.. back the c word/s

is casual the way to go when all else fails? all else being the fact that you have been trying shit hard to find a boyfriend, who is willing to stay committed to a relationship, for centuries but have failed to do so simply because guys are afraid of commitment.. and no.. don't get me wrong. i'm not sayin ALL guys.. just a few in general.. i mean.. look at it this way.. in a casual relationship.. there are no strings attached.. you can flirt all you want with other guys/girls and they simply can't blame you for it... cos heck.. they are probably sure as hell banging other guys/girls as well..

but of course on the other side of things, you must also understand that while being with you, your guy/girl has the right to be seeing someone else at the same time.. hopefully casual as well.. so that if the other party finds out about you, you don't have to worry about someone stalkin you or tryin to hunt you down just so you will get your paws off "their" partner..cos surely you don't wanna be labeled as the third party when all you wanted was just some fun! purely based on a amicable agreement of a casual relationship..

oh and the teeny weeny fact that YOU of all people, who opted for a casual in the first place, must NOT get jealous if your casual partner starts seeing someone else as well... jealousy rears an ugly face THAT'S for sure.. can you handle the heat? having to see the person you are going out with go out with someone else at the same time?

then there's the commitment relationships.. the exclusive one on one relationships..but my question comes down to this.. if your bf/gf has a change of heart while going out with you.. could you really blame him/her? and what happens if YOU are the one with the change of heart? either way.. there's surely gonna be heartbreak.. and drama.. and the works.. sure.. in an exclusive relationship.. you're not supposed to be seeing someone else.. but what if your gf/bf is banging someone else at the same behind your back.. without your knowledge.. it still comes down to heartbreak...

it all boils down to this.. after centuries and millions of couples getting together and breaking up and shit.. is casual the way to go unless you are 101% sure that he/she is THE ONE? hmmm...

btw.. i know this is completely out of the topic and all.. but i just realised that THERE IS NO HERSHEYS IN NEW ZEALAND.. i don't know why i have never noticed it before.. but it just hit me.. i swear to god.. i haven't seen a single hersheys since i got here.. or maybe i'm just not observant enough.. cos the other day we were talkin bout chocolates in english class.. then my american friend was like.. oh have you guys tried hersheys kisses.. and the rest were like.. what on earth is that? i was the only one apart from her who knew what she was going on.. this is worrying.. how can they NOT have hersheys kisses here? i sooo miss suckin on them.. okay that sounded damn wrong.. but yeah you get that


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