Friday, April 14, 2006

picture time!

ok i SWEAR i was gonna post some pics.. but blogger decided NOT to cooperate!! sorry peeps! will gather the rest of the pictures before i post them.. which is i dont' know when.. but yeahh...

anyway... phew.. time has passed so fast yet so slowly this week... just realised that it has been a week since i blogged!

ok.. recounting the "moments"
monday - nyeh.. i don't remember much of monday.. except freaking out that i had yet to touch my econs book

tuesday - remembering that i had revised less that i actually needed to.. i woke up at 6 to open my econs book again.. however, it was so blardee freezing that i had to stay in the comforts of my duvet.. i flipped open the book.. flipped one page.. flipped two pages.. flipped to the third page.. and fell back asleep only to wake up at 35 past 7 thinking.. shit i'm gonna be late for school.. school was pretty much sucky as usual.. it ended with my econs test.. last this time.. i was pretty bummed out.. so i got back home.. stoned.. then watched.. everybody loves raymond.. stoned.. then watched american idol.. had dinner.. bathed.. watched charmed.. followed by house.. then stoned summore.. and was bumming around.. until bout 12 when i decided to start work.. first homework.. THEN my assessment booklet.. which kept me up until 4.. was online with xin as well.. and though it was ALREADY four.. i barely felt tired.. but had no choice but to go to sleep.. knowing that if i didn't.. i'd just die in school...

wednesday - i was pretty much a zombie in school.. and a freaking out zombie as well.. cos i was only halfway through my booklet and i needed to hand it in on the next day.. i was kinda awake all day.. but my brain was definitely not working at all.. thankfully.. since it was the last but one day.. most of my teachers were relaxed and not doin much. even my calculus teacher was like.. ahh its gonna be the holidays.. screw it.. lol! okay so he didn't ACTUALLY say screw it.. btu it was close enough!

thursday - last day yay!!! i finished my booklet in time to send it to my friend who was kind enough to print it for me.. he's always printing stuff for me.. i feel kinda bad.. hmm.. anyway.. first period was legal studies.. which we only watched a video.. and then there was stats.. where we played some "fun" probability games and ate chips and candy.. after that.. i decided that i could no longer stay in school.. esp since there was only one period left which was english.. so i just went home and bunked english.. damn.. there goes my record.. tainted just by bunking one class... nyehh.. now have to convince my aunt to write me a note.. but nahh.. she's cool..

hmm.. what else. o i got an excellence for the econs paper.. yippie!!! hahah.. its now a friday.. happy easter people! though its already 3 in the afternoon.. i'm still bummin around in my pjs.. nyeh.. need to be more productive than this!!

-to the world, you may be one person. but to one person, you may be the world-


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