Thursday, April 06, 2006

one more hour to friday

at this point, i am starting wonder what if i just do not publish anymore dear diary posts, will my reader population immediately take the plummet of death right down to zero. i hope not... but no worries.. as promised i WILL publish episode 4.. most probably on saturday. i know i know for some of you, you might regard the whole dear diary post like a soap opera that is getting just a lil too soapy for your pallets. which is why i am here blogging about my life as normal.

yesterday, my dear angel turned 18. a happy belated birthday to angel. love you lotss!!

today, i had my calc common test. it was preddy okay. better than my stats one. but i guess only the results can really tell how well i did. hopefully it is up to expectations. also, i just finished my stats assessment task.. true to its name. it really IS a task... a pain in the arse if i should say so myself. the excel part was okay. it was the report that truly drove me up the wall and all around the ceiling. benjamin has been a big big help in helping me print out my assignment.. a big thanks goes to him.. too bad he doesnt read my blog.. i think...

life here is pretty much okayy.. other than the fact that i just had a guy swore a whole bunch at me for no good reason. guess he just needed to vent his anger. but still! he could have been nice enough to ask if he could swear at me before he started on his tirade.. oh wells..

not much in this post.. just wanted to post for the sake of keeping my blog alive.. so long readers!

-lets face the facts. love doesn't make the world go round. rotation does.-


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