Tuesday, April 18, 2006

oh look! photos!

taken in the senior form courtyard on the last day of school without me knowing.. the perils of a camera phone on silent...
-photo courtesy of michael-

me and jessica
taken in the back of A block

i think felex took this when mr. summerfield was getting a photo of us.. this was during wacky week of course.. on monocolour day.. no prizes for guessing what colour i was in..

taken at the driving range.. my aunt and cousin in action.. o and bits of my other cousin nicholas.. sadly hidden by the pillar..

a "scenic" view of the driving range.. btw.. i DID get a go at it.. mindless whacking of balls onto a field..

l-r charlotte, shing and me at dinner.. had tonnes of fun that night! didn't see them for over a month.. on account of us being in different schools.... them in riccarton me in burnside..


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