Friday, April 28, 2006

hey where did my hols go to?!

ahhhh.. just realised that i managed to pass a whole week without blogging! its amazing i say!!
ok.. hmm.. accomplishments of the week include me finally finally finally taking a bus for the first time in nz.. yes.. call me spoilt or whatever.. its just that with my aunt ferrying me around.. there really was no need for me to know how to take a bus..

accomplishment number two is me finally getting the fleece that i was supposed to have gotten ages ago due to the weather and my somewhat tropical and not very functional in seasonal country wardrobe.. so yeah.. was supposed to have gotten something "thick" to wear.. but so far other than that fleece and a coat.. all the rest are totally summer wear.. what with tank tops.. racer backs and spaghetti straps.. heh!

accomplishment number three was today.. when i ACTUALLY got up though not out of bed before the clock struck 11! but yeah.. today.. i only got moving from the comforts of my bed.. to the kitchen.. to the couch and back to the kitchen.. not too bad.. considering its the last day of my hols.. and what i should really be doin is just hanging out on my bed...

come to think of it.. its gonna be the weekend tomorrow.. and after that.. school starts all over again.. term 2... a dreadful dreadful term 2.. not something i'm really actually looking forward to with the exception of the court visit on day 3 of week1..other than that.. nyeh...

have got some bit of english work which i was suppose to complete over the holidays.. but it flew out of the window the moment hols started.. but whatever.. its easy and im gonna get it done in 15 mins flat.. half an hour tops..

so yeah.. the weekend before school.. sucks.. ah wells.. at least tonight i have the line to myself...kor kor said that he'd get me a complete goth outfit! whee!! on the condition that i lose weight.. there goes my butter cookies.. hmm.. i wonder where is xin.. she just like left me and wy without saying a thing.. arghh

its scary the way how sometimes my mum knows my every single action over here.. like when i go out for movie or something.. the next time she calls me.. she would ask me about the movie.. and im like.. but i never said anything bout going for a movie.. talk about having your every move monitored.. even across oceans and seas..

fare thee well
lil broken heart
downcast eyes
lifetime loneliness
whatever walks in my heart
will walk alone
constant longing for the perfect soul
unwashed scenery forever gone
no love left in me
no eyes to see the heaven beside me
my time is yet to come
so i'll be forever yours

forever yours + nightwish


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