Friday, April 21, 2006

for the life of me

for the life of me.. i cannot remember the password to my flooble chatterbox.. and when i attempt to get them to email the password to me.. i don't GET any emails.. which means i probably just typed in some random email... arghh...which boils down to me not being able to change the settings for my taggie!! boohoohoo

for the life of me.. i've just realised that i do post VERY VERY VERY long posts.. i have no idea why.. i mean.. i just drone on and on and on *pretty much like what im doin now* and still people read my posts! amazing!! i get bored listening to myself sometimes.. hmm..

nyeh.. might head out to the malls in the morning by myself.. since everyone else seems to have got something to do tomorrow.. need to go hunt for a present.. hehehe.. things would be so much easier if i could read minds.. then i could read into the mind of the birthday girl/boy and see what it is that she/he really wants.. but then again.. do i? hmmm.. what DO i get for a guy who has got possibly everything that he wants? i'm quite sure that there's something he wants that i can get for him but it'll probably be too expensive.. oh wells.. time to hit the shops!


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