Sunday, April 09, 2006

the end of sunday looms

its already halfway through sunday and as usual, i have successfully managed to get nothing done. which is really bad. cos i have

a) a whole bunch of probability exercises which i should have been doing throughout the week but I was too lazy and too caught up with my statistics assignment to do it.. so it has piled up throughout the week.. and on friday, she hinted that she wanted to check our homework on monday.. arghh.. i can't wait for thursday to come when we're gonna have pizza in stats class marking the end of term~

b) my legal studies assessment task which we are supposed to miraculously produce a booklet.. and it is worth 20% of my year end marks.. its due thursday... not good.. i don't wanna fuck that one up.. cos i don't think there is a resit for it.

c) wide reading report.. which is basically my two book review like thing.. argh..

d) an econs test which i MUST and NEED to study for.. the pressure of performing just as well if not better than the last test is really getting to me! *faints* which is on tuesday..

aarghh.. i should have known better than to procrastinate and stuff.. now i have a whole bunch waitin for me.. was rather unproductive yesterday.. spent it in my pjs basically doin close to nothing.. arghhh

slept at bout 1+.. i think it was due to the tea i was drinking during the day.. had a good ten cups or so.. so at 1+ i was still awake and operating on a sugar tea-high. not good. not good at all.

one more week to the holidays! i just simply cannot wait. or maybe i can.. with the test and the due dates.. i seriously think i need like 48 hours in a day...

i sincerely hope that vodafone decides to extend AGAIN their free text weekends offer!! its just totally awesome! since on a normal day.. a text is 20c... a total ripoff if you ask me.. so yeah.. free text weeeeekends are here to stay!! until june.. hopefully they extend it to dec or something.. i think i send just over 300 messages a weekend.. bad bad.. cos all i ever do is text and text and do nothing.. but heck.. isn't that what weekends are for? to do absolutely nothing.. now, i need to master the art of not feeling guilty afterwards... arghh

gonna go back to reading bridget jones' diary.. again.. its so very hilarious!!!


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