Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dear Diary Episode 4

Dear Diary,
I will always remember the first time i met Brian. Outside, the weather was a soaring 30s. Inside, my heart was below negative. Once again, I had successfully managed to get my heart broken again by some idiot who said he loved me and promised me the world. As soon as he heard I was moving halfway across the country, he decided that there was no way our relationship could work out even before giving it a chance. So there I was, a new girl in town and working my ass off during summer. Working on that hot summer's day was seriously not something I needed but I had no choice. Brian walked into the surf shack as had every customer before this. I looked at the clock hanging on the wall behind the counter. Five more minutes to break-time. I was hoping Brian knew what he wanted, was just gonna grab it, check out and not delay my much needed break. Thankfully, God answered my prayers. As he paid for his stuff, he flashed a smile at me. But I just shrugged it off with annoyance. Walking out of the backdoor, I felt a pang of guilt come over me. I had no right to be venting my anger on a perfect stranger. Rounding the corner, I came upon a familiar smile. That perfect stranger was waiting for me, flashing his smile once again. This time, I could not help but break into a smile as well. The rest, as they say, is history. We bonded almost immediately. For everyday afterwards, Brian came to hang out at the surf shack during my break times. During other times, we would be texting each other endlessly. Otherwise, we'd be chatting online. We talked about anything and everything under the sun, sky, stars and moon. We were inseparable to say the least. Finding out that we would be attending the same high school was more than I could ever hope for. That was until term started and Evelyn came into the picture. Need I say more?


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