Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dear Diary Episode 3

Dear Diary,
Today, I asked Brian if he and Evelyn were back together. He said no. He said that they were to remain strictly friends from now on. I should be happy right? But why is it I get the feeling he is still holding onto her.. not letting go.. its as if like he still likes her. He said that she fucked things up pretty badly this time. Yet it seems to me that he still loves her no matter what. What do i do, diary? Please tell me what to do. I don't know anymore.

My friends are getting concerned over this matter as well. Calvin and Xin Lee reckons I should not do anything bout it. Give it some time they say before deciding on the next course of action. That I shouldn't rush things. As for the rest, they totally want me to tell him how I really feel. They are on the verge of going up to him and telling him. The only thing that is holding them back is me pleading that they just leave the matter. I know they are concerned about me. And I appreciate their concern. But...

Then again, there's always Rachael whom I hear is very into him. She's really pretty and is basically the kinda girl all guys want.. What am I to her? Plus, she's always at his place since Marie owns the place.. Sigh.


Dear Diary,
He looked sad today. I asked him if he was still thinking about Evelyn. He said "do i ever stop? you know as well as i do that i cannot help the way i feel for her even though she hurts me so much."
My heart is breaking right in front of him and he wouldn't even know.


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