Sunday, March 12, 2006

the starbucks coffee couture

technically, the title of this post has got nothing to do whatsoever to do with the contents of this post.. just that when i was uploadin a the pic a minute ago, i happened to notice the starbucks coffee signboard in the back ground.. this picture was taken yesterday when i was in town.. on saturdays, in the cathedral square which is smack right in the middle of town, there will be stalls open in the town square.. selling all sorts of stuff.. mostly food.. accessories and such.. its kinda like a mini fair.. the things, albeit not cheap are really nice and you can get some really cool handmade stuff.. but like i said.. it isn't cheap.. anyway, yesterday, it so happen to be the church's 150th anniversary.. so there were church go-ers *i think* who went to church all dressed up in such victorian clothing.. the men were in "penguin" suits and top hats and the women attired as such in the picture.. i chose this particular lady to take my pic as she was in black and red.. the colour of my choice.. hehe.. their clothes really reminded me of lil bo beep.. or was it peep.. argh whatever.. o and anne of green gables.. whoever who has read or seen it will know what im going on about.. i seriously wonder where on earth did they get such clothing! i want one too!! knowing its gonna cost me a bomb *no actually, maybe a bomb would be cheaper* and that i will probably never wear it

anyway.. smart me.. forgot to bring my wallet out yesterday when i went out.. no wonder i thought i forgot something.. both my aunt and fiona thought that i purposely left it at home.. nonetheless.. i still bought a pair of earrings.. aunt paid for it.. yayness! heheh.. was out pretty much the whole day yesterday shopping with fiona and aunt sue.. will probably do the same.. though i'm actually kinda sleepy.. slept at bout 10.30 last night after watchin memoirs of a geisha for the fourth time.. and woke up at bout 6+ today.. replied vincent's message that came in at 4+.. then decided that i couldn't fall back asleep.. which is why im here blogging..

i didn't realise how much i miss my friends and they comfort that they offer.. until last night.. mum called me and asked me to ask celine if she wanted my mum to pick up her results for her.. knowin that celine probably didn't have any cash in her phone, i rang her. she was asleep.. or rather i woke her up.. *blur me forgot it was 8sth in the morning for her* when i heard her voice, tears started welling up in my eyes.. and before i knew it.. i was cryin on the phone.. we were on the phone for about 10 minutes.. catchin up and stuff..although it was only ten minutes, it really meant a lot to me.. hearing her voice after so long was painful and saddening knowing i'm so far away from all of them.. yet comforting.. as i realise that no matter what happens.. i still have my pals to lean back on.. it was only yesterday that i truly felt the pain of not being with my pals.. i mean.. yeah i've made friends here and stuff.. but none as great as the ones back home.. they just can't compare.. maybe its because the bond is not there or sth.. but i guess you can't really compare a decade's worth of friendship to a month's worth of makin friends.. starting out all over again is beginning to get sucky...

anyway, i guess for all peeps my age and for some one year younger than i, the hot topic of the week would be SPM RESULTS... according to tasha, convent managed to get sekolah cemerlang.. i wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing.. i am freakin out really badly here..everyone's been telling me "you don't have to worry la" "you're so smart la.. worry for what" "you sure can one laa" "you already in college what.. good or bad it doesn't matter" but it does.. and i am worried.. more than worried.. i'm freakin out over it.. i want it and yet i don't want it.. im scared of what the results might be.. i know i've tried my best.. but what if my best just isn't good enough? i don't want that to happen.. i want TEN FREAKING FUCKING As more than anything now.. arghh.. doubt i'll be able to get much sleep tonight...


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