Sunday, March 19, 2006


okay.. so i must admit that this post is overdue.. just for about over a week...

and no, i'm not here to brag about my results or anything basically because i don't feel the need to tell the whole world about something i probably will not remember come 2007.

however, i do want to extend my congrats to all 16 or 17 year olds who sat for that bloody examination. whatever the achieved results, i must say that we all deserve a pat on the back for surviving it, for it is possibly the second most difficult exams in this milky way galaxy, after stpm. this calls for a celebration. bring out the champage someone.. anyone!

i guess the one regret i have is not being able to go back to school to collect my results to see my friends as well as to shove my examination results slip in front of some of the teachers faces (read : teachers who didn't think i'd make it or whom made life in convent a living hell which of course isn't many)

since being in kiwiland would mean being deprived of malaysian newspapers, i have resorted to reading the news online. a very different experience from readin the hard copy but i will just have to make do. was readin the article about spm results and top achievers and bla bla bla. and i have noticed a growing trend of the top scorers taking a crazy amount of subjects. 15 subjects. what the hell??? do these people have no life or are they not in a correct state of mind? 15 subjects! this is absurd! do they do nothing but study their lives away??? or is it just wanting 5 minutes of fame? talk about attention seekers..

to some, i may sound like a jealous pot simply because i neither achieved straight As nor took 15 subjects. but i can assure you.. i am not seething with jealousy. i am just shocked beyond words that there are some people out there who
a) took 15 subjects;
b) scored straight A1s on all subjects;
c) is still alive.

not to mention, the case of the girl who attempted to take her life by jumping off a building. the reason? she did not perform up to her expectations. what is the world coming to?


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