Sunday, March 05, 2006

randomness and weirdness

finally! a day when i have both the mood to blog and have something to blog about.. other days its only one or the other.. okay..

so, i went shopping today with my aunt. went hunting for a pair of boots.. *grins* alas.. the pair of boots i had my eyes on costs 299.95. its a black leather knee-high with buckles. its wedged and not heels. for guys who are reading this and am totally lost with the whole fashion jargon, no worries. just understand that i want a pair of black leather boots which cost 300 buckaroos! outta my budget? yeah.. just about 150 bucks over my budget.. not good. not good at all. considering its probably not the ONLY pair of boots i'll ever get.. dilemma dilemma.. then, there's the New Rocks Boots which costs 500 bucks!!! REALLY should have taken up my brother's offer when he said he'd get one for me.. they are UBBER COOL boots.. very chunky and weigh over 1.5 kg on each side. a must have for every rocker/metalhead. wish i was working.. cos if i WAS working, then i'd be spending my own money and not my parents money and i can spend it whichever way i like.. arghh..

dilemma number two.. i saw this black skirt in glassons.. REALLY nice.. i sooo wanna get it.. it looks very avril-ish especially with the netting on the bottom.. but it costs 30 bucks!! no wait.. it costs 40 bucks.. arghh.. i need money! maybe i oughta wait a while and see if they slash the price of it.. but then again, what if they don't have my size?! ahhh.. the heartache.. the pain.. the excruciating decision i have to make.. choices oh choices..

the guys must be thinking "what a waste of time this is.. readin a post about her indecision over a pair of boots and a skirt" im really sorry.. but dilemma! i don't know what to do!! double sigh..

oh and something interesting.. or rather weird.. happened just now when i was in the mall.. i met my friend, william,'s parents.. aunty flora and uncle something.. no, his name is not uncle something.. its just that i did not manage to catch his name .. so yeah.. ok.. so the story of william.. got to know him from school, through vincent... he is in my stats class and have the same free periods as i do. so occasionally, i'd help him with stats work and we're more the kinda pass-by-each-other-and-just-say-hi kinda friends.. not the hang-out-with kinda friends.. so safe to say i don't exactly know him very well.. you get the idea.. aunty flora, his mum, knows my aunt.. so they stopped.. had a lil chat.. and being the "goody goody" i was just smiling and being courteous and all.. my aunt intro-ed me and said.. "oh this is my niece, yvonne, also studyin in burnside, the same year as william yada yada yada" then aunty flora said.. "oh yeah.. i've heard about you. william told me you were nicholas' cousin. so how is william in school? good boy or not? does he have a girlfriend?" i was a picture of pure shock. words were beyond me. i mean.. is this the kinda question you ask your son's friend from school whom you have never met before?!?!! oh god.. *faints* i have nothing more to say. i am still in complete, total and utter shock.. some stuff just never ceases to amaze me.


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