Thursday, March 16, 2006

new arrival

to the *ahem* loyal fans (as overdresser would more often than not say in his posts) of castalnetta.blogspot, thank you for your neverending loyalty and support not to mention patience with the owner of this blog who only updates once a week, sometimes less, and even then writes plain crap about her somewhat average-mundane student life in christchurch. tank yew veli muck hor.

today, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to two visitors *hopefully on a permanent basis* of castalnetta.blogspot, namely debbie and valentine a.k.a val on the tagboard. i had absolutely no idea that debbie (yes, debbie our senior a.k.a. da-jie to some of the more junior ones) had been visiting my blog until this afternoon when i was chatting with her.. since she hadn't tagged.. as well as val.. a friend i got to know through celine (well, more like celine's tagboard)

btw.. i'm known as fangi and cass and cowsaysmoo on the many tagboards i terrorize.. rofl... in case any of you were wondering.. and no, i'm not suffering from multiple-personality disorder. i just go by many a name.

honouring as well the many loyal fans of this blog.. hehehe.. (in no particular order) angel, overdresser, shawn, weiyi, xin, tasha, random websurfer aka fangi's stalker and the occasional mel.. damn. thats only 8 people.. need to expand my fanclub like seriously...

okayyy.. so its half past eleven and im not in bed.. that is because i felt the sudden urge to blog.. not so much cause i HAVE something to blog about.. but more because i want to keep this blog going and not let it die by the sidelines (thats like two becauses in a single sentence!) not to mention to let you guys know that hey... i'm still alive here..

according to my friend andrew, apparently, mr terry (one of the economics teacher who doesn't teach me) refers to me as "some random chinese girl from some random asian country who has never done econs" simply because i was one of two who attained an achieved with excellence on my economics paper recently. when andrew found out that yours truly here was that random asian girl... he was like "i should have known it was you!!!" and then he went on to tell the girl next to him the story of me and my econs paper. what was just as weird was two days back, when i was at the locker bay with joanna and benjamin, we walked past this group of popular but APPARENTLY not so intellectual bunch of girls.. one of them who is in my econs class.. she proclaimed aloud to her friends "heyyyyy.. THATS the excellence girlllll" i was like "huh?!" then she proceeded to turn to me and say "you're the excellence girl right???" and it was only then that i realised what she was going on about... this is badd.. means from now on, i have to perform extremely superbly well for each and every econs paper i sit for... can't afford to fall behind or anything.. arghhh

--> lucky is the man who wins the first love of a woman <--
--> but luckier is the woman who wins the last love of a man <--


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