Wednesday, March 01, 2006

just a lil update

nothing too exciting really happened.. so i just wanna blog to keep you guys updated on some stuff..

the weather here is crazy.. if you think that the weather back home is nuts, that is NOTHING compared to what im gettin here. one day it can reach a high of 29 degrees and the next day, drop down all the way to 14. no, i'm not joking. that explains why i watch the weather report everyday so that i can be dressed "appropriately". not to mention, it can be hailing in the morning and be scorching hot in the afternoon. arghh

i have NO idea why they choose to have 2700 students on the move every period rather than to have 150 teachers moving. then again, everyone here takes different subjects. so there are people in my form class whom i don't see in any of my classes except for 10 minutes in the morning everyday. stupid? nah.. thats just the way it works..

truth be told, i haven't actually done much lepaking here as compared to last year. so far, i've been to the malls with my aunt, which technically cannot be counted. other than that, i went into town with huei yin and lisa last saturday. watched walk the line with nicholas on sunday. this friday, the few of them *the group i hang out with during lunch* wants to go swimming..which i will most probably join them. on saturday i have to choose between attending a wedding or going to play badminto with huei yin and lisa. and maybe i'll go for another movie *casanova* with whoever i can drag on sunday. too bad vincent works on sunday. *rolls eyes*. but today! an achievement i must say!! me, benjamin, joanna and michelle left school at 12.20 for lunch, and still managed to reach back at 12.55. that of course included us eatin lunch within 10 minutes, and trying to come up with lame excuses in case we were late, which we weren't! good thing michelle drives well.. lol

not procrastinating that much yet. just that i have this legal research i was supposed to do 2 weeks ago but since she doesn't check... *grins*.. other than that, i try to finish all my homework on that day itself.. and in a way it helps that i have six hours of free period every week.. its supposed to be "study" period.. but... yeah you get the idea..

i had a REALLY bad night two nights ago.. like really really bad.. for a start.. although i was tired.. i couldn't really sleep.. i was just drifting in and out of sleep.. not really deep sleep.. and second of all, i was having some really dodgy dreams.. i can remember none of them, except for the last.. as far as i can remember, i was at a holiday like thing with my friends, when i get wind of this friend, having gone missing. i got really worried cos he was having problems of some sort.. so i had to put my holiday on hold to help look for him.. the search went on for a day or two, until his mum rang me to say he had been found. rigour mortis. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. i didn't want to believe i was hearing.. and the next thing i knew i woke up crying. you know how some dreams leave a rancid lingering feeling for the rest of the day? that nightmare was one. i felt sick in the pit of my stomach for the rest of the day. needless to say, my day was bad.


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