Saturday, March 25, 2006

its the weekend

i feel like a lousy prat for not updating more often than i already am.. so here i am.. early saturday morning.. blogging from the comforts of my bed...

i was supposed to sleep in today.. at least until 10.. seeing how i only went to bed at 12 last night.. but noo.. my body clock (or whatever you call it) is screwed i tell you... on weekdays, i literally have to be dragged out of bed for school.. and on weekends, i wake up even before the sun decides to show up for the day.... sad case? i think so too..

angel has blogged for two consecutive days in a row... *or so i think* keeping her readers well updated on her situation there.. all you lucky jb peeps who get to see her in about a week plus
why is it that i always miss seeing her online by only an hour or two? damn!

i have had some rather interesting comments with regards to the post of "dear diary"..and so, i am thinking of making it a part of my blog.. therefore do tune in next time for more "dear diary" posts.. (i think fs didn't tag on that one!)

this month alone, i have come to know of 4 couples who have decided to end their relationship (what the hell?!?!) i know its a perfectly normal situation.. couples break up all the time.. but four that i know of in a month? now THAT is something.. what? is this month "break-up-month" that no one notified me of.. or am i missing something around here? unless cupid had just decided to tell the couples to "take a hike".. life's lil weirdness..

yesterday, as i was watchin antm, my aunt came into the room passing me the cordless.. on the line was my mum.. and she was asking me a bunch of questions..but for the life of me, i just couldn't find the strength or enthusiasm to talk to her.. so my answers were pretty much "umm yeah.." "hmm..okayy" or "oh really.. okay then". i have no idea what was up with me yesterday.. feel kinda guilty now for not taking more interest in the conversation..

i finally finally FINALLY got to watch "just like heaven" yesterday.. though i received the DVD on monday or so.. admittedly, the show didn't quite do justice to the book.. but it was marvellous nonetheless.. with stellar acting from reese witherspoon (i am a huge fan of reese.. so sue me) and mark ruffalo. it was a typical love story with a predictable ending, even if one did not read the book.. the movie was slightly different from what the book was.. but it had the same idea more or less.. that a social-lifeless doctor was to meet an accident.. and there was only one person who could see her or hear her... they would have to try to return her soul to her body.. and in the process, they fall in love.. just my kinda show (i'm a sucker for love stories.. so sue me) a perfect way to start friday morning.. think i shall go watch it again after this!

ok.. think i shall end my post here.. don't you guys' brains to be bogged down with too much heavy reading or anything.. hehe.. will keep updating as often as possible.. adios!

i'm so far, so far away from it now
that it seems like i may never know how
people stay in love for half of their lives
its a secret they keep between husbands and wives
baby. there goes somebody's miracle
walking down the street
there goes some other fairy tale
i wish it could happen to me

-liz phair-
-somebody's miracle-


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