Sunday, December 18, 2005

shopping in malaysia

our country is said to be a shoppers' haven and heaven. right. the only place you'll ever see christian dior, miu miu and gucci all in one row is in kl. klcc to be exact. as for the rest of us who can't actually afford prada, burberry nor louis vuitton, there is always padini, giordano and well, voir. needless to say for us sad souls in jb there is only 3 no.. make that 4 shopping malls to head to. all of which i am sure we are very sick of especially city square. nowadays, i am there almost every other day, simply cos there is nowhere else to go. oh other than the fact that cs has a decent cinema which lm doesn't. ah wells.

any convent girl who has gone through spm will tell you that putting our bags in the new hall before an exam commences is hell. as kysha would say, if you can get through this, you can get through the mega sale. true? no, not true. the one little detail that sets us convent girls apart from everyday shoppers out there is that we have something called courtesy. we are courteous and almost always say "excuse me" when trying to get through. shoppers out there just push and push and push. exaggerated? doubt it. i have come to a conclusion that malaysians have mastered the art of weaving in and out of a sale as well as a pasar malam without uttering a single "excuse me". don't believe me? go try your luck at the pasar malam. if you go in a group, you might wanna tie a leash to each other lest you get lost or separated along the way. its survival for the fittest! by the end of the day, you will notice that you are blue black red all over. bruised from all that pushing and tugging and trying to get your way through. not fun i am tellin you.

shoppers haven? overrated i say. as for me, i am going to brave the hazardous, fatal and dangerous waters of a sale tomorrow once again with my pals. even if it kills me, i am gonna attempt to settle xmas presents tomorrow. i hope.


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