Thursday, December 08, 2005

making up for lost posts

okay dokay people.. its been SO long since i posted.. hence the title *points above*

i'm gonna start off the post with the day after bio. that's like.. one full week ago.. hahahaha.. time passes so damned fast when you are having fun. after the bio paper, which was like unofficially merdeka for us fifth formers, me, lyn and angel headed out to pp to get some presents, sort out some stuff.. yada yada yada. the surprising thing was this. we saw close to no one there! sacre bleu! i say close cos we saw someone there.. with yellow hair and a yellow shirt to boot...

thursday saw me and xin trudging..*well ok we didn't exactly trudge since we were seated comfortably in the bmw* over to celine's place at the crack of dawn. ok, maybe not crack of dawn.. but it was early enough. papa and mama chu weren't out of the house yet. then at about 12, or slightly before that, i headed out to cs with hanern and kevin, courtesy of hanern's ride *i'm still in one piece!* where the both of us caught hp&egof. we saw many many MANY people there. too many to say the least. including dennis. and no, ever since then, i never heard the end of it.

friday was a much better day to say the least. it was the official last day of our *with the exception of p.a. girls* exams... we are free from the clutches of evil school rules! muahahah... mrs e brought us out to cs for shopping and lunch.. then xin, angel and i went back to her place to help her put up the xmas tree... *the first was at angel's place on thursday* whereas mel and lyn stayed back to watch hp.

saturday. saturday. what did i do on saturday??? i can't remember! oh wait.. i remember.. i went over to yvonne's place later in the night to celebrate her birthday. hung out with the few of them plus debbie and alven. was a night of good fun and thereabout, good fun!

went out with dennis on sunday when dad went to pick mum from the airport. or rather, i met up with dennis on sunday at pp. managed to get him to treat me to a $15 ice cream from seasons. heheheh.. yum yum.. took a banana split and changed all three flavours to chocolate. have an obsession with chocolate ice cream!! *melts*

monday was THE DAY OF RECOGNITION! okayy that was a lil overdone.. exaggerated.. monday was the official official official last day of exams for everyone. accts paper was the last. and from there, people like xin, lyn, and jayne finally finally finished their exams. my hats off to them. i could NEVER do accts. i'd just die! and i, being the good girl that i am *ahem* decided to plonk myself in front of my revision books and start clearing out and sorting out all the mess and rubbish. in the end, i threw away many many stacks and piles of papers and have many more stacks of books to be given or sold to peeps. off with you books! i shall NEVER EVER EVER have to face you again! muahahahaha. *oops.. everyone's staring at me*

tuesday was spent out at tasha's place. i was there from like 8+ and it was only the two of us. so we just like.. died there.... ok.. more like rotted there.. two decomposing cadavers! lol.. anyway, when the rest came along, we didn't stop eating from 11-5+. no kidding. we just ate and ate and ate and ate. of course we had a coupla rounds of mahjong.. then we watched the sisterhood of the travelling pants.. messed around with nail polish.. yada yada yada.. now THAT was great fun! heh

wednesday, i believe, was yesterday.. *have lost track of my days since exams finished* the few of us headed out on a shopping spree at cs. jayne surprised me when she bought me a book i was dying to have. and it wasn't cheap! really love my bunch of friends! hehehe.. oh and lyn stayed over at my place.. which meant me on the floor.. she on the bed.. and the air con all night long!

today!!!! finally!!! thought i'd never get to today.. hahaha.. went out again with xin, lyn and hema. went to watch chronicles of narnia. though i must say that the battle scenes were a little amateurish as compared to lotr, the movie was great nontheless. it surely is a notch above harry potter! most definitely! think i shall go catch it again with celine.. and again with don't know who else.. o btw.. peter, played by william moseley is SO HOT SO HOT!! *melts*

i think that's all for today folks. quite a bit up there. should have been able to whet your appetite for a long awaited post from me.. *switches on perasan mode* hehehe. am undecided as to whether i should straighten my hair or highlight it. hmm.. views people! i wanna hear your thoughts.. which translates into tag my damned board! hehhehehe

p/s.. i'm feeling a lil demented today.. explains the wacky colours!


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