Monday, December 05, 2005

a lil update

hey you guys. this is gonna be a very short update. am very lazy to pen down my thoughts these days though i know i must. xin has very subtlely mentioned to me that she has seen the same post 6 times. angel asks me whether or not i posted for the day before actually venturing into my blog. as for the rest.. dennis.. thanks for coming all the time to check out my blog and its not so great status. that's right people. my blog is pretty much done up but there's still a bit of renovation to be done.. here, there and everywhere. the last skin.. well.. that got on my nerves.. tag was off its marbles.. there were no archives.. ahhh! it'll be the death of me.. anyways... just wanna say that whoever reads this.. please drop a tag.. nag me to actually sit down and do a proper post and all.. else i'll never get down to it. as for the rest.. enjoy the hollies while you can for I will be sitting around doing nothing.. while you lil ones head back to school! muahahahahahaha!


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