Tuesday, December 20, 2005

done with xmas shopping

that's it. i'm done with xmas shopping for 2005. well, close enough. haven't gotten my grandparents', nor the chocolates or the pig. a soft toy that is. not the alive kicking and snorting ones.

ah wells.. gonna wait for my brother to come back tonight, we'll dissect what i bought for the family and he'll probably end up saying that i have either

a) no taste
b) no sense of priority
c) or that i should have gotten stuff which was more expensive

either way, i don't think its gonna be good. so to hell with it. at least i bothered to do SOMETHING knowing that he is wayy to busy to be bothered this year.

and now, i am officially broke. and its only the ... 20th! gone.. hope someone gives me my birthday allowance soon.. aih.. or that my brother pays me back!

have been in cs for the past few days. and yesterday they had a minor blackout. supposedly one of the mains fused leaving some shops in total darkness and others still bright as ever. i don't think cs has ever been that "dark" before.. nonetheless, cs was still abuzz with activity... everyone just going on with their shopping.. namely people like me.. haha

and although cs isn't all THAT big... its enough to play hide and seek in. either that or its just not fated. gonna finish up wrappin today when my bro gets back and finishes dissecting what i have bought.

christmas is round the corner people! soak up the atmosphere. revel in the sinful shopping. sing em carols loud and proud. but most of all, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. sides, there is always my birthday after christmas! ehehehe


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