Thursday, December 29, 2005

cs-ing tips

i have been to cs so many times in the past month, i am like taking temporary permanent residence there. during the day of course. was there again today with a whole bunch of them.

1. never ever use the toilet in cs
my point being, they have renovated almost all their toilets to the 50 cents toilet with the exception of the one on the fifth floor near j-gen tower but i'm sure they are bound to do that soon enough. cs is trying to achieve sg standards too much too soon. the toilets in cs are not exactly up to sg standards.. and they are charging 50 cents for it whilst in sg, usage of the toilet is for free! if you really have to and have a movie, wait till you go in for the movie. cinema toilet is for free!

2. never ever attempt to change your order
lunch was so hilarious today, it was verging on being typical malaysin. joy tried to change the order when we were at season's for lunch. initially, she ordered chicken congee then decided to change her order to fish and chips. the girl who changed joy's order got all mixed up, thinking that joy wanted to add the fish and chips and do a take away for the porridge. when she came with it, we all just burst out laughing and the poor soul was just clueless. lol. and when it came to bill time, they gave us our initial bill and they took over fifteen minutes to sort out the whole thing, while i, went to get the movie tickets.

3. know your location damnit
cs is a very crowded, and at times confusing place to be in. trust me, its not all that hard to be playing hide and seek even with a handphone. wy, standing outside starbucks, told tasha coffee bean. and tasha being the blur pot, walked the route from bata, to the levi's side, to mcd, only to walk to coffee bean along with joy. god bless her soul. and lyn, as usual, never checks her phone for messages resulting in babe sending her two messages and having to call her after that.

4. know your stuff before you go shopping
today, while shopping with derrick, we *angel and i* has learnt many a thing about shopping for surf brands and street wear. when i say that, it means that there are a lot of shops selling imitation goods for the real thing. careful you get ripped off really. can barely tell the difference. then again, me and streetwear *stuff you get in cxo* never actually go together in a sentence, so really can't be less than bothered. not that i didn't already know bout this whole imitation and the real mccoy just never knew there was so much to it. it included doing your homework from the internet and catalogues.

5. never ever attempt to take pictures in cs except in eating places
today, as wy and a certain someone attempted to take pictures at the entrance of somerset bay while the rest of us were in there checking out skirts, they got shooed away by the security guard. and get this, they weren't even standing next to a single piece of clothing! all they had for the background was the wall and nothing else. ishh.

oh and last but not least, as we were walking by living quarters today, we noticed a very peculiar looking notice stuck on their window display. it read "house detective wanted" weird. we were all so puzzled as to what a house detective could be! the few of us just stood outside looking at the notice for a few minutes. at the end of it all, i concluded it was probably a job vacancy for a security guard. oh wells. look out for more cs-ing tips. that is if i ever go back to cs la *which is god knows when*


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