Wednesday, December 14, 2005

christmas is looming!

okay.. i think that was not exactly the most suitable title around. but you HAVE to admit that it speaks of only the truth. the untainted truth. the unadulterated truth. ok.. i'm digressing once again. back to the main topic! my point being is that although most shopping complexes and homes have already put up their christmas decors, *me being one of them who helped out. at people's homes of course. not at shopping complexes* it has only recently hit home that christmas is really coming. in fact, christmas is only over a week away.

christmas these days are getting overrated and derailing from its true meaning. nowadays, ask any kid on the street what he/she thinks about christmas and the first thing that comes out of that hole beneath their nose is "PRESENTS!" yes, we are reduced to this state where christmas is commercialised and everything about christmas is decorations and presents and presents, and well, more presents. whatever happened to christmas is about jesus christ.

so, everywhere you hear christmas songs playing. just the other day at vivos, my friends and i were rushing for a quick lunch before heading for a movie, they were playing this christmas cd where supposedly this choir was singing. truth be told, they sounded dead and were singing for the sake of singing. nothing else. no life to it. no meaning to it. no enthusiasm to it. its like "yeah... christmas is here. just the time of the year where we have an excuse to sing christmas carols.. AGAIN". another example would have been when i was at seasons with angel just yesterday. no wait, it was the day before. plaza pelangi were playing christmas carols. according to angel, they were blasting it louder than they were with the patriotic songs. oh, not to mention it was out of tune. just like a vinyl record gone wrong. gone awfully awfully wrong. ergh... shopping malls with funny sounding carols. not to mention even worst looking decorations!

speaking of which.. i wonder if any of you have noticed the signboards placed around malls like pp, cs and lm. *that being plaza pelangi, city square and leisure mall* it says selamat hari krismas instead of the usual merry christmas. WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM?! i know they are talking about breaking away from tradition yada yada yada... but hello! selamat hari krismas? right.

as i was saying just now about presents. this is also the time of the year *birthdays aside* where people have pounding headaches trying to figure out what to get loved ones. there's always that fear of "what if it comes off too cheap?" "what if they don't like it?" "i should get everyone presents of equal value, right?" right. whatever. i for one am also having a little bit of a problem with my christmas presents. not so much what to get who, but more of the kaching side.. yup.. no cash. personally, i love presents. sure i do. but i would appreciate it even more if it was something i wanted and needed but just did not get down to getting it for myself. i appreciate the thought that people actually take time off to think of what to get me. but really, something from my wishlist would be nice. or cash would do as well. call me a demanding hypocrite or something, whatever, isn't it best if you get what you really want and the person who gives it to you doesn't have a headache trying to figure out what you actually want? i mean.. how am i supposed to know what a 12 year old spoilt brat wants for christmas right? not to mention, i have yet to complete my wishlist and the fact that i have yet to draw up a list of people i want to get stuff. *there is hope for you dennis!* christmas shopping this year ain't gonna be a breeze. i wish people would just tell me what they want so that i could get it for them. instead of me trying to figure out what they want, and they hoping that i will get them what they want. am i bringing you round in circles yet?

well, for now, i am at home, with nada cash, and no way out. maybe i should plonk myself in front of my notebook and start figuring out who to get what. or better still, maybe i should just call up that person and ask him/her what he/she really wants for christmas. solves my problem, no?


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