Saturday, December 10, 2005

3 a.m.

you read me right. i am actually doing this post at 3 a.m. no actually, 3.20 am.. so do forgive me if i sound incoherent. i got back from sg at bout 2+ i think.. or was it 1+ either way.. i haven't been out THAT late in a while.. and some sertupeed donkey drivers who can't actually seem to drive properly on the roads... wonder where they got their licences from.. must be some half past six driving school la.. dang..

anyway, i went out to sg to send off my bro's girlfren..was at swensen's at about 11.. eating coit tower.. for those who are unfamiliar, it's ice cream! chocolate and vanilla ice cream with strawberry toppings.. whipped cream.. cherries.. chocolate bits... chocolate sauce... oooh.. melts.. forgot to take a pic of it though! wasted..

anyways.. angel is coming back today! yippies!! miss her so much!! am going to the pikom fair as well today.. need to get my flashdrive.. hopefully a one gig... *my mum has acknowledged the importance of having a flashdrive... and so i think it will be paid by her!* then there's a wedding dinner i'm supposed to go for.. no.. seriously i don't.. hence the word supposed... i mean.. think about it.. it writes in the invitation card 7.30.. but hey! malaysian stretchable time.. it'll end up starting at nine... mark my words.. then on sunday there's that driving tingie which i will probably rot at.. on monday!!! the day i'm lookin forward to.. singapore here i come!! hahahah

thats all for tonight folks... though i'm sure not many people actually read my blog.. sad sad.. many thanks to you guys out there who has been visiting my blog all this times.. really appreciate it!


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