Friday, September 30, 2005

chemistry tuition

chemistry tuition today was like.. bad.. like real bad..the whole two years that i have been with mr lem, i have never seen him in such a bad mood before. today was the first day that he really admonished and reprimanded us. it was real scary to see him so mad. the whole class kept a pin-drop silence for a full five minutes but returned to their usual misdemeanor and rigour. can't blame mr lem at all. class was already so noisy. and every other minute he was calling out someone's name asking them to stop talking and to keep their phones. and today, he even caught them playing card games at the back of class. he kept saying that if we did not want to study, we should not bother attending class. and that he is not hard up for our money or anything. and that he has been extremely patient with our class. he kept to his word, unlike the past times, and he did not teach for twenty minutes until class ended. in fact, he let us off early. can tell that he really wants the best for us, but yet the class keeps making things difficult for him. it is pretty obvious that he is having a hard time handling our class and that he really wants to give up already but he just goes on. sigh.

and it did not quite help that immediately after class ended, i HAD to bump into someone i totally had no wish of seeing ever again in my entire life. but i should have known my luck better than that.

sometimes, i wonder if this whole life thing is someone's idea of a cruel joke. i mean.. how can so many bad things happen all at once? and today in school, something really freaky happened. there's just been too many deaths in this year and the last. and yet, i can foretell another coming. i'm just praying and hoping really hard that it does not happen during my exam period, just like what mrs e said.

i think probably the only good thing that happened today was being able to "hang out" at the big table with gracie's permission. oh and the lasagne xin and i had over lunch. twas great being able to spend some time with xin alone. haven't done so in a long time.

i think i need a hug.

+ cassie goes off in search for angel +


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