Thursday, July 21, 2005


wow. didn't realise that it has been a week since i blogged. time passes THAT fast. great. just great. just what i needed. oh wells. am sorta dreading next week, for all the known reasons. to think that i am still reeling in pain after the last. oh god. what happened to my holidays? and the weeks after my holidays? sigh.

didn't go to sleep until 12+ last night. was talking to my jie, chris, online. it has been so long since i last chatted with her. updated her on the recent happenings in my life especially something that has been bugging me for over a week now. which reminds me. it is friday tomorrow! but never mind that. told me that she is going to move into her new place with clint next week, if i am not wrong. happy moving jie! hopefully i will get a chance to hang out in your new place some time soon as well as FINALLY getting to meet my brother-in-law for the first time. hehe.

oh and angel and i went out to cs yesterday. we had two missions at hand. one was to get ven's present. something pink, fluffy and furry! the guy at the counter must have had a really good laugh at us two girls, being unable to decide. we changed our minds over 100 times! hahah..ok...that was a little exaggerated. hahaha...if you are reading this now, ven, i hope that you like the present. roflmfao. and the other was to get fuck bands. yeah. you read my right. the both of us managed to find a stall which sold the fuck bands to us at RM4 for 10 pieces. we took 34 pieces, the nice guy only charged us for 30 pieces and gave the 4 pieces to us for free! go buy from him people! his stall is on the 2nd level of cs opposit baleno/s&k. then we took a cab over to my place. my mum seemed very happy to see celine. hehe. after that we headed off to tuition with compliments of a ride from uncle mok!

that's about it i guess. have got organ class after this. must finish off my summary THEN go on the organ a bit before my teacher comes. i think i haven't actually practised it properly in weeks! oh wells. contemplating stopping lessons already. am in a dilemma right now. as much as i love music, i simply have no time to practise the organ these days. there are a million and one things which are fighting for my constant attention! grr.

+ cassie over and out +


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