Thursday, July 14, 2005


don't know what to post today but i just felt like blogging...guess its been a while since i did. had a somewhat uneventful week. highlight of the week? minimum classes and the els farewell there was an encounter with "drag me! drag me!" and "THE box" we were clutching our tummies in laughter. safe to say, i was laughing till i cried! been keeping late nights recently, doing homework as i somehow miraculously fall asleep between 8-10. hehe. oh and yesterday's episode of charmed had drew in it...aww *melts*... sho kewt.. :D

can't wait for saturday to come...though tasha thinks that it should be friday i am waiting for. for some funny reason, i think friday can wait. lol. i am soo mean! am contemplating not going for tuition tomorrow... lazy!! more thing...tasha slapped me! :'( she slapped me during extra class for chemistry. and all mas liana could do was laugh. that's all she did! L A U G H! sho mean!! oh wells...really appreciate a great teacher like her. but SOMEONE had just sabo her like THAT...grr!

can't explain all the feelings that you are making me feel my heart's in overdrive and you are behind the steering wheel touching you touching me god you're touching me i believe in a thing called love just listen to the rhythm of the heart there's a chance we can make it now i believe in a thing called love!

+ the darkness +
+ i believe in a thing called love +

+ cassie over and out +


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