Saturday, July 02, 2005


it's already saturday night and i have done absolutely nothing my whole weekend except whine about my wait...that isn't quite possible...what i did was moan and groan meekly...due to voice box's inability to vibrate properly or produce anything with its weak vibrations! no voice people! the gothic kitty cat is running out of meows!!! too much durian. too much work. too much shouting. not enough sleep. not enough water. and this is what you get. a voiceless fangi. great. just great.

well that was yesterday. today...well...i have gotten my voice back but it sounds stuffed...VERY stuffed...blocked nose....didn't eat much the whole of today except for the baked rice...not that i would taste anything to begin with. everything tastes the same....pathetic! saw the st johns doing duty today at hp and pp. flag day...brings back memories....loads of

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