Saturday, July 30, 2005

saturday morning!

i am admittedly up particularly bright and early today. 0840! it must be some kind of a record considering the fact that i have nothing going on this early in the morning. not rushing to school. not going out. nada. just a nice morning with my room and i. haha. you know some mornings, when you wake up and you feel like you can achieve anything and that the world is your oyster? well, this morning feels like that to me for some funny reason. guess i'll be staying in this somewhat chirpy mood for the rest of the day unless something drastic takes place later in the day that will bring my mood dipping to a low of .. oh i don't know...minus forty maybe?

finished our papers yesterday. ending with physics and est. physics was... i don't know what it was. wished i had a little more brain power. then maybe i could have remembered better or something. when i was doing the last page, the kindergarten over on the other side started blasting
YMCA.. and she *the lady hosting it..whatever it was* was she was having sex..ok..that sounded a lil wrong. but.. that exactly what she sounded like. and as if it wasn't enough that my head was swirling.. and was in one big mess. i couldn't concentrate enough. i couldn't think properly. heck. i barely knew what i was supposed to do! and it didn't quite help that when i turned to chalin, she was writing away vigorously on her paper and so did huah rong. that huah rong...they were both writing so much and tapping away at the calculator. it seemed to me that i was that i was the only one who was clueless and had no idea as to even WHERE to begin! grrr...

then after the whole physics and est saga, i headed home with lin hui to have a bath before mama chow came along to pick us up and drop us off at pp where we settled some stuff, bought evelyn's present and so on and so on and so on. had apple cheese and raspberry cheese for lunch as well as my esprit raspberry. yum yum. admittedly, it wasn't a lot that i ate but hey! i was really full. hehe. had loads of fun and laughter in bm tuition as usual. chemistry tuition on the other hand was a lil different. i was called up to the principal's office with 7 others where he gave us a long and undoubtly boring speech as to why we shouldn't talk bla bla bla and where he made us "promise" that we wouldn't do it again. so yeah. we "promised" him...only thing was, my fingers were crossed when i said it. so it shouldn't count. lol. :)

after which, we headed off to evelyn's place for her bday party. there were quite a bit of people there. the form 5s being myself, xinyu, jayne, tasha and melissa. the rest were eve's gang.. and some guys. had food. hung out.. talked....haha..thank god she did not go ahead with the whole water games thing, as i did not bring
ANY extra clothes...the girls were making up vijay and had shameen's name written on his forehead. god was THAT a laugh!!! oh and i was introduced to a new friend, ruth. she hails from canada. both parents are malaysians. it was quite a joy talking to her. she started putting on make up on me. lol. as well as jayne. hehe. we exchanged emails and stuff. had a pretty good time last night and the food was good! :)

wow...just realised exactly how much i have written. maybe this would account for my 2 and a half pages long essay for est.
OOPS! mrs koo is gonna murder me this time around. oh wells. so much for keeping it short, sweet and simple. lol.

+ cassie over and out +


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