Saturday, April 30, 2005

a week!

its been a whole week since i last either goes to show that my life is so boring that i have nothing to blog about OR that i'm too busy so much so that i don't actually have the time to come online to blog...i think its being busy with boring stuff...the boring stuff being studying and doing homework..ish!
so its a saturday...yestreday was VERY wasted as i was very sleepy...very tired and most of all..i was having a headache and coughing my lungs out....other than that, i had to sort out some sch mag stuff...therefore i was on my bed....dozing i waited for replies from ex seniors...i barely knew what i was typing away...hope i made
thursday came very much as a shock to i found out about yet another death....just as sudden as the last...a family friend of over 20 years was struck by rjcc...sigh...freak accidents....i guess we tend to take things and people around us for granted and tend to think that they will be around for many more years to come..but guess NOT...sigh...
today however was a lil better....i think my aunt is pregnant...most probably...hmm..can't wait!!! like angel said, i would have a cousin who is 17 years younger than me! how cool is THAT? ;) hehehhe...physics was totally horrible though...felt thoroughly dumb...chua gave us the past year questions to do..and as usual i knew none of them, but i guess with the stress of the exams coming and me being nowhere near prepared, i felt even worst than ever...i was already at breaking point...and when chua asked me if i was okay with the paper i nearly cried...that was when i gave up and announced to him that i was going to drop physics and could not care anymore...seriously..i was THIS close to crying...
oh and on wednesday, i went out with angel! has been a while since i went out with her alone! lol...missed those times ;( anyway...her nice driver who is ALWAYS giving me rides...came to pick me up at bout 4 or so...then we went to shop for tasha's present...and went for an oreo cheese and a drink at secret recipe..then we hopped a ride from su jen..heheh...cos I, the qian jin da xiao jie REFUSED to walk up the road back home...hahahaha...had dinner...don't think angel has had THAT much for dinner..on top of my mum threatening to spoon her food if she did not eat we headed off to tuition....
that's about it for this week i guess..till the next time i blog..which will most probably be AFTER the exams or something...a lil'll most probably hear me moaning and groaning away about physics as
ciaoz peeps

+ cassie over and out +


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