Saturday, April 23, 2005

sleep...i need sleep....

okay folks...its a saturday and i'm feeling sick...and i'm lacking of sleep...baddddd news....bad bad news...sleep...i need sleep....though i actually slept for like two odd hours slightly after let me do a lil recap from yesterday cos i can't seem to remember what had happened on yeah...

yesterday at 6a.m., i woke up wondering why my mom hadn't come over to wake me up yet! the next thought that came to my mind was that it was saturday and there was no school! i was like..go back 2 sleep..dont't have to be up and about for another 4 i fell back asleep just to wake up a few mins later saying "shit! it's a friday and there's school!!! arghhhhhhh"...and my mum waltzed into the room..switching on the lights and sending me into a temporary state of blindness...waking me up and therefore forcing me to pry myself away from paradise and to start washing up before i am late for school...after which i had to force myself to open my eyes and not walk around blindly in school....had about 4 periods of physics..which was absolutely a killer!! then we went to specifically for lunch..where the guy just kept refilling and refilling and refilling my drink...within that one odd hour..i easily had 3 large we were walking around and went into voir.....voir has a new outlook and it looks...nice! yes it does....go check it out people!! then we had 4 hours of tuition as usual...donned on my black lipstick and scared most of them half to those who have seen me in it...adrian and vilcent *or at least i think that's how 2 spell his* kept turning back to see me with my black got the shock of their lives when they saw the admin lady staring down at farnee!

hmm...then today... lim didn't teach! surprise surprise...geetha....knowing her...came in and finished off everything that was coming out in exams..aih...then we had the yea yea concert...or at least that's how i think its supposed to be a really good response....jillian, mel and sarah's rapping as well as the hip hop dance received the loudest applause....and they did an was a success!! yay!! haha..then we went 2 lavendar for lunch..and got to tuition v v out some VERY interesting stuff during tuition..then got home..was on the phone for a bit..then i fell up just b4 dinner...or rather i was rudely awaken for dinner....bath...did a bit of work and here i am .. blogging...feel a lil sick now...feels like a friday as my calendar is screwed up...aih

think i need to go to sleep...hmm...but its only 11!! aih.....alven! i can't get in2 yr blog!! keep getting redirected to blogger home! so irritating..ish....maybe i should go watch lemony snickets again later...hahaha....tts it..i'm signing off...nites peeps...

+ cassie over and out +


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