Friday, April 08, 2005

long long week and an even longer day

it has been a particularly long day for many of us...i awoke at about 8.30 this morning..due to the many hours i had slept the night before..received some really really horrible news about a dear friend of mine...managed to hold back my tears...'s really unpredictable i'll never know what will happen next....oh wells...then we headed for lunch and then tuition..they renovated the top level...was having a major migraine today during tuition...didn't really get half the things teacher was going on about.....and i have school in less than 9 hours...great...just great...just what i's been a hell of a homework pile is like..neverending...this is sooo sad..oh ya.. and in tuition..i finished 2 packs of bottle of tic pack of fruit plus sweets and one pack of chocolate pocky....hmm..and i'm still craving for more..what's up with me these few days...keep munching on sweet stuff!

+ cassie over and out +


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