Saturday, March 12, 2005


hmm...just got off the phone with lynette....and i am here since both tasha and dennis asked me to go update my blog...hmm....let's see...

1) angel's in singapore
2) i'm very sleepy
3) i have slept for more than 14 hours today
4) finished one whole bottle of tic tac within half an hour into tuition
5) i bought all american girl even though i have read it before..
5) am having a huge headache
6) think i shall go sleep again after simple life
7) or should i be the oh-so-good girl and go do my homework
8) no! i have an idea....i'll go practise my organ repertoires..haven't touched my organ in a long while
9) i'm talking to myself...ish

think i better go...nth much 2 say today

+ cassie over and out +


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