Saturday, March 05, 2005


i feel...absolutely and positively sick. ish. remind me to NEVER EVER return to pan pac..okay..maybe not pan pac-pan pac...but pan pac-paolo...i mean..i TOLD my mum...i DON'T wanna go there...each time after i come back from there...i feel like matter how little i was the same thing 2-3 times ago..but does she listen? NOOOO...she just says..."don't be rude". ARGH....omg...i think i'm gonna barf....which part of I DON'T WANNA GO AND I FEEL LIKE BARFING EACH TIME I GO doesn't she understand?? i'd pay to NOT go there...FUDGE LA!!! feel so sick that i can't even study bio.... :'( and i didn't touch anything else..i'm gonna stick a piece of paper outside my room stating that i feel like puking and the next time i have to go there for dinner either a) i'm not eating or b) i'd pay so that i would not have to go..ARGH...and she's merely's all in the mind....:'( i hate my life..

+ cassie over and out +


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