Tuesday, March 15, 2005

school hollies

hmm...although it was the school holidays today, the committee members for the 80th anniversary concert went back to school to pack goodie bags and the rest of them were painting the backdrops outside..hmm...within 5 minutes of being in school grounds, i got myself a nice new cut...with the blade...yes...was trying to open a plastic can (???) of cadbury dairy milk chocolate, for the goodie bag, using a blade and tadah! nice new cut across my thumb...haha...however, it did not bleed. so yeah. one layer of skin got peeled off though. hmm...oh wells...thanks to everyone who has been so concerned over this lil wound of mine...hmm..what else...basically we all had a lot of fun....in a way i guess...other than the fact that i was coughing my lungs out and they (archie and stef that is) didn't let me talk at all.. and each time i opened my mouth...one person or another would tell me to sit down, do my work and keep quiet. :( .. lin hui and sarah wanted me to talk though...lolz..lin hui was like..eh so weird la to not her fangi talk..hahah.....and anyway...they were taunting me with the whole andrew thing...ishh...oh wells....am still coughing my lungs out around here and my dad's stuffing me with papaya, oranges and mangoes..hmm..think i will go gurgle with salt water after this and possibly just gulp it down along the way..hmm....lolz..just joking there...oh wells..think i better get started on homework

+ cassie over and out +


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