Tuesday, March 22, 2005

sch again =(

it's only the second day of school and already i'm feeling so sucky =( .. oh wells...stupid exam papers....ish! convent won debate this round and will be moving onto the next round...hmm..wonder whether ssi or sp won....oh wells...was in tuition yesterday...then online...then i was watching tv as i talked to first angel and then andrew...therefore i did not get any work done...then i had to go to sleep early as i was having a splitting headache....sigh...

and when i need you
you're almost here
and i know
that's not enough
and when i'm with you
i'm close to tears
cos you're only
almost here

almost here
brian mcfadden and delta goodrem

a very touching song...nearly cried when i heard it...

+cassie over and out +


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