Thursday, March 03, 2005

rough day

it's been a rough day for most of us but i think especially for me. have my head spinning round and round now. it all started pretty good considering the fact that we did not go in for bm and though when lim passed up by and asked why we skipped class we were non commital in answering. or rather we just walked away without even answering! we were actually in the library..haha..where though emilda saw us, she did not actually think of the possibilty that we were skipping class..having an unofficial meeting and discussing some stuff for the 80th anniversary concert. was really a) esther is not in the b.o.d. and b) something so exciting kinda took our minds off exams for that mere hour but it was good enough. no doubt. after which we had recess...then i went to do class duty and ended up teaching some of them how to do mod math...or general math as pn lee would put it. then as i was taking my time strolling up the stairs...flof...that being fat lump of fat or rather dt as we all used to call her..decided that she was not having such a good day after all and decided to pick on me, using my nametag which was..i repeat WAS filled with stickers but now back to its original condition..against me.. saying that i vandalises my name tag..and that it was by no means easy being a prefect and that if i thought that i couldn't cope with whatever comes with being a prefect i should just quit. and that my name in particular came up when SOMEONE complained to her that i had my name tag vandalised with stickers. hmm..maybe she's just jealous that MY generation of people could come up with SUCH ingenious and GROOVY ideas...which she couldn't. or maybe she's just jealous that i get to "vandalise" as she would put it.. my name tag while she didn't to hers...awww...poor thing..that flof..pitiful pitiful
she derives pleasure from making other people's life so miserable..what a pitiful existence she must lead...but i think what really got on my nerves was that lydia and esther were there but they did not say a single thing in my defence. lydia knew very well that i wasn't the only one yet she chose to just keep quiet and say nothing. she COULD be a little more helpful and just tell that flof that i'm not the only one. but no. she didn't utter a word. and the whole stef thing. it was a huge huge misunderstanding on both our parts. she thought i was mad at her. i thought she was mad at me. great. just great. PLUS...just as my mood was getting somewhat better...jayne had to come and drop the bomb on me that gracie actually asked esther why she wasn't involved when in the first place, gracie was the one who said not to put esther in as she was too busy with the tnf .. track and field that is.. this is really irritating the hell out of me..and that there is a possibility of esther getting her way... as usual...and plopping her butt in the b.o.d. which is what really irritates me..she has everything..why can't she for once let others get something?...and jayne said that if that happens she will pull out..and so will angel..but i'm like...why do you just give up? its like losing a battle without even going for battle in the first place... angel was like..don't even let her in..there must be a way..but if it really comes down to esther coming in and jayne leaving, angel will leave. tasha on the other hand, says that if esther is leading she will leave..but when i asked if she was holding a minor role, tasha just said..why are you guys so against her?'s a bitch...

+ cassie over and out +


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